When I read the title of this book, I was thinking maybe it’s a book that discusses how the body detoriates after death *judging a book by its cover* … But the synopsis tells a different story… It is a memoir of a neurosurgeon who finds out that he has lung cancer and how his life changes after this…. And the book is just that.. No surprises, no unexpected plot twists… Just his story. 

You know as a reader, I love it when a book just surprises me with its plot, I think fellow readers can relate… And for a book whose whole plot line is just there in the synopsis there is nothing to look forward to…but i think this book was not written with the purpose of entertaining the reader but rather to impart a lesson that sometimes life plays out in such a way that you are left with no hope and you know exactly how your life is going to be and in that case the beauty lies in acceptance…. Rather than denying it and fighting against it… You give in and accept your fate. 

It’s not like Dr. Paul *that’s the writer of the book* just got his reports stating that he has cancer and went home and just ‘accepted his fate’. He tried his best to cure himself and to an extent he did defeat his cancer and got his life back on track…. But when his tumor grew again, he knew fighting it is just pointless, so he framed his life plan around it and died contently. 

The fact that he made peace with his fate reflects in his writing as well… The book is filled with memories, good and bad, childhood stories, his future plans, hopes and dreams and how his life changed after he got to know about cancer but not a word about ‘why me?’ and that’s what I admired the most about this book. I believe this quality of his made his life a lot easier. 

This book is definitely one of a kind, I can’t say I thoroughly enjoyed it, for like I said I don’t think it was written for enjoyment… I felt like sitting on a bench in a park and listening to a friend tell the story of his life until his breath became air and I said farewell…