When I was young… *that’s making me sound so old😕* when I was younger *that’s better 🙂 * I read an essay about how people are always complaining about the problems they face and the writer imagined a scenario where everyone has a chance to exchange their set of problems with someone else’s and how they’ll actually come to terms with the problems they originally had.

This book reminded me of this essay. I had no idea before coming across this book how difficult is life for a princess, I mean when we think of Princess all that comes into mind is amazing dresses, perfect hair, poise and grace.

Basically, it is a memoir, about the Russian Queen Catherine, under whose reign, Russia prospered and grew. It *obviously* discusses in detail her life since birth to her being the daughter in law to the Queen of Russia and all the trials and struggles she went through…

You know before reading this book I thought that family drama is a just us asian’s thing… A legacy even… But it seems Queen Catherine’s personal life was full of emotional, scandalous, heartwrenching, eyebrow raising and dramatic incidents. Perhaps the most heart-breaking part was when the Queen took away her son from her right after he was born and wouldn’t allow her to see him. Well, what doesn’t kill you only makes you stronger,and this book documents just that… How she learned and fell and got back up again and fought back until after an uphill struggle she was crowned as the Queen. *being an ambitious girl from the beginning she always had her eyes on the crown but that didn’t make it any easier for her to actually acquire it*

After becoming the Queen, there was a whole new set of problems waiting for her. Political, personal, administrative, but she persevered, never gave up nor lose sight of her goals and helped Russia reach new horizons.

In short, I really enjoyed the book because it was just what the title said: portrait of a woman, with her qualities and flaws, good and bad choices, how she dealt and most importantly lived with them in a way that her name is still remembered today… A good read!

I’m running out of non fiction recommendations… Do let me know any amazing non-fiction that you know of… Until then..

Peace ✌️