I had always been a keen observer while my sister effortlessly becomes the centre of attention in any situation. She seems to have a knack of making friends with everyone. I, on the other hand had always been the silent one, watching everything,  saying nothing and I always hated that about myself. I just couldn’t come up with anything entertaining and engaging to say. Other than my family and a few of my close friend everyone forms an opinion that I’m simply too proud to talk to them.. 😟 and now I have just accepted that that’s just the way I am. 

When I saw and read the comments and reviews about this book, I was intrigued… A book giving an insight into the minds of introverts? I picked it up thinking maybe it has some tips of how to atleast appear an extrovert. 

Well, the first couple of chapters actually discusses that how people as a society seem to favor extroverts more and treated introverts like a person with a deficiency of certain ‘extrovert vitamins’ and they actually wanted to cure their loved ones of this sickness. The book discusses how people don’t appreciate the quiet wisdom of the introverts which is why the introverts themselves seemed reluctant to embrace their true nature. 

Further, the book discusses how the minor changes in the brain structure of the introverts makes them, well… ‘them’ and how they have slightly different needs than their counter parts.. The extroverts. It is full of tips of not how to appear more gregarious but how to accept, understand and connect with introverts.. Be it an introverted spouse, child, co-worker or student… 

                                                            what a relief!

Another thing that I loved about the book was that it didn’t by any means went on to bash the extroverts. This book is simply giving the limelight to the introverts for a change.. And in doing so in did a HUGE favor to all us introverts. I’m sure any introverted person who struggles with the pressure to socialise would love this refreshing idea of the book to ’embrace thyself’ and appreciate their strength and understand their weaknesses… 

I simply loved it… Can’t wait to read more non-fiction… *can u believe I used to think that non-fiction is boring*
What are your opinion on this book do share your thoughts and ideas…. Until then

Peace ✌️