Our stay at phuket was simply marvelous, no scheduled trips, no running from one place to another espicially early in the morning *ugh* just drifting off to where our mood took us. We ate, swam and wandered *and shopped* to our hearts content. The weather couldn’t have been more charming. 

At one of our usual quests for finding halal restaurants, we came across this little place, it wasn’t anything out of ordinary we just went in because we were famished. Upon entering we were pleasantly surprised. Everything was neat and clean and the usual decoration has that something ‘extra’ in it. The food itself and it’s presentation was lovely. We ordered sweet and sour chicken and this another dish made with cocunut milk I forgot it’s name 😱 with fried rice and everything was finger licking good :):) I thought that the cocunut milk dish would be sweet but it was just delectable with its spicy-garlic-y taste. *yummy*

Since we were so impressed with their food we were curious as to what they have to offer when it comes their beverages and they didn’t fail to impress with that either… Their passion fruit juice was just perfect! You know when you eat or drink something  for the first time and as it glides down your throat your mind simultaneously gets blown away because the taste is just that, well, mind blowing?  Yep, that was their passion fruit juice and they served it in those cute little mason jars *extra points for that* definitely worth visiting for a second visit 🙂 

WE also went for elephant trekking, while the forest was enchanting, I regretted it because the elephants there are badly abused. Their riders or our guides keep this anvil like thing with themselves so that they could use fear and pain to keep these beasts in line. At one point during our trek our elephant deviated from the path a little and our guide injured him with that anvil on his already bruised ear, the creature’s resultant cry of anguish was heartbreaking and after that I couldn’t bear to sit there anymore. I felt ashamed for putting the elephant through such pain, I felt sorry for it 😦 please people, if we, as tourists boycott elephant trekking they’ll eventually have to discontinue this particular activity and the elephants will eventually be set free and wouldn’t that be wonderful 🙂 

Next up was parasailing. I always wanted flying as a superpower (among a lot of others like reading at lightening fast speed so that I could read loads of books :D) and honestly I felt like a kite up there *ignoring the fact that a bulky greasy haired guy was hanging and steering my parasailing wing for me* for any of those who have parasailed before, it’s so peacefully quite up there!! Just the wind blowing in your ear and your adrenaline filled heart pumping away… And the sea! So spell binding! I felt so small and insignificant facing the enormous sea. You know we talk about bending and taming the sea and the wind, but here witnessing the raw, untamed power of wind, I couldn’t help but think that it’ll just take a gust of wind to drop me out of the sky and into the deep sea, and who is going to find little me in this vast sea? A truly humbling experience 🙂 

With all these new experiences three days flew by and the time came when we had to catch a night bus which will take us to our last stop which is Bangkok… What happened in the bus and what happened in Bangkok is abother story that I’ll share in my next post INSHAA ALLAH… Until then… Peace ✌