Any one who has been reading my travel Diaries should now be familiar with our early morning drills -_- today wasn’t much different either, except today we were to check out and leave for phuket *yay* it was the usual routine business of checking out, we had our last breakfast there and set out to the pier from where we’d be taking our one hour trip to phuket by the catamaran 🙂

While waiting for the Catamaran I noticed a young couple staring at me warily, you know kind of like “honey,  this Abaya/hijab wearing lady is making me feel so uncomfortable I think we should watch out for her” *hmph!* now, I have been getting these weird looks a LOT through my whole journey but I don’t let it bother me or spoil my mood. I’m gonna wear whatever I fell comfortable and safe on. But I don’t know why I was so bothered about this particular couple that I felt defiant enough to give them a ‘what?’ look. The lady was looking at me like we look at someone who has vomited all over themselves and you don’t want any of that stuff on you *really mature of her* the couple was with us on the bus ride from the pier to the bus station as well *more eww looks yay -_-* anyways the bus ride as usual was very comfortable and mood lifting with all the greenery rolling past you, I have really started to look forward to the bus rides here, they are the best! Comfy, cozy, you doze off looking at greenery and the amazing scenery and wake up to see some more 🙂

Our ride to phuket 🙂 


Can’t help but smile and feel lucky to witness such beautiful beautiful scenery 🙂 

The bus dropped us off at the bus station from where private taxis were waiting for us to take us to our respective hotels *bye bye obnoxious couple :)* we don’t know why our taxi wasn’t here and hubby dearest has to hire a private car to reach the hotel.

Before coming to Thailand I read a lot of travel articles as to what to expect,  what to bring, what to buy, where to buy and the like. Alot of articles mentioned thay the travellers are easily conned here so it’s better to stay alert.

Now, hubby dearest hired a relatively bigger car so we could ride comfortably and paid extra cash for it too. After loading our luggage and driving for 5 minutes the driver slowly stopped and asked us to switch cars with this other driver who came out of nowhere saying that this guy is his brother and we share our business and he’ll get mad if we don’t switch and stuff. Hubby dearest kept arguing saying that I paid extra because your car is bigger your brother’s is smaller I don’t want to switch, if you want us to switch give me back the extra money I paid you. This went on for a couple of minutes, then seeing that we aren’t budging, he huffed and puffed and agreed to take us to the hotel… He kept complaining though about one thing or the other so hubby dearest asked him if he is going to drop us or should we hire another taxi, he asked us to do what we please and that he wont mind, but he quit the complaining after that. As a last resort to earn some extra cash he started acting all surprised and confused about our destination saying that there are two hotels by the same name and ours was a bit far so we have to pay him something extra. Hubby dearest paid him extra 100 bhat. What a ride :p thank god though,  we were totally at his mercy he could have taken us anywhere. Travelling is such a risky business.  

Let’s talk about the hotel we are staying in shall we? It’s the Centara Grand Beach Resort. Below is the picture of the sitting area of the lobby:

Are you kidding me?? :p

The thing about checking in at each and every hotel here is that you feel so welcome and relaxed from their warm welcome you can’t help but instantly like them 🙂 after staying at Bhundaari spa *beautiful, but not well maintained* this resort really fulfilled our expectations 🙂 


Majestic isn’t it? I almost felt like frolicking here but settled with just grinning broadly and ooohing and aaahing :p

The room was equally beautiful and well maintained. It felt like the designer has put a lot of thought about the guests’ needs and demands, its really impressive 🙂

Here’s a confession, whenever I travel I miss my hair conditioner a lot! All the hotels provide shampoo but never a conditioner and I don’t carry it fearing the creamy mess if it bursts during the flight *nightmare* guess what? The room had not one but two bottles of conditioner *yay!* 10 on 10 for this 👍

The resort has an in house water park too *I was acting all civilized and cool but my inner child was jumping up and down with glee and squealing * but as much as we wanted to jump right in we had other businesses to attend to like renting bike and then eating something plus the water park *omg!* was about to close so that will have to wait till the next day.

After renting a bike we went to eat at this nearby halal restaurant. The proprietor was a nice Kashmiri guy, very warm and friendly, spoke urdu. We thought the food would be lovely and already decided to eat here every day that we are here but it wasn’t that good *bummer* anyways we cruised around for a while and eager to visit the water park went to sleep early hoping tomorrow would be a fun filled day.. 🙂

have you visited a resort to be completely awed by its beauty and facilities it provides? Do let me know I’d love to hear your thoughts 🙂 until then…  peace ✌