Today was eid here in Thailand!! Hubby dearest got up early got ready and went to offer prayers at a nearby mosque while I stayed in the hotel…. My sunburn hurt and I missed my family alot so I moped around for a bit and got ready. You know it’s strange that we grow up and be independent and settle ourselves so far away from our family but as soon as we get hurt we always reach out to our mom, whenever holidays come around we miss our family so bad that we just can’t help but feel sad 😦

Well, no time for that, when hubby got back we went out for a little island exploring as today was our last day at koh Samui and we thought to just have a lazy day today. So yeah we just went on for more sightseeing and a bit of shopping… Found a muslim cafe had lunch there… Roamed around some more… I think we were both missing our family so much that we were kind of in a grim mood and were just going along with the day… We didn’t even took much photos :/ we just got back to the hotel packed our stuff for tomorrow’s journey had dinner and went to sleep…

Overall our stay here at koh-samui wasn’t as pleasant as that at Hua hin.. If we talk about hotels then I think our room at koh Samui was luxurious with all the indoor jacuzzi and all but it wasn’t well maintained the problem of mosquitoes wasn’t addressed as properly it should have been. It just spoiled all the jacuzzi fun and we ended up avoiding the jacuzzi area instead of enjoying it to the fullest. Room service was kind of slow too :/ so these were the factors that could be controlled… Other than that, the fact that all the Muslim restaurants closed due to eid holidays and the disastrous day tour and kayaking experience dampened our mood so we just wanted to end our stay here, hoping that our next stop would be much better.

How do you manage to live in a hotel with bad room service? Do let me know your thoughts and opinions.. I’d love to hear form you 🙂 until then.. Peace ✌