It’s Island hopping day today yay!! We woke up early *no surprises there* had breakfast after that a taxi (provided by the event organizers) took us to the pier, we got on a boat and took our seats on the deck where the view was lovely and began our journey . . Such fun!! It was such a nice sunny day perfect for island hopping. 

The view was breathtaking but within 15 mins most of the people were nodding off for it was early morning and *maybe* the white sound produced by the boat’s engine and the monotony of sitting in one place made everybody sleepy. *all except one Italian guy who just wouldn’t stop talking in his annoyingly loud voice, sitting right behind me (honestly keep it down dude)*


The first island where we stopped had a lovely beach *obviously*, a bar and a viewpoint. Hubby dearest went up to see the viewpoint I didn’t join him and stayed back with LO and explored the island for a while.


We were to stay on the Island for an hour and a half, we talked and snacked while the others swam, sun bathed and visited the bar. 

Soon we got on the boat again and lunch was served!! We sticked to fruits and salads though because we weren’t sure of the food being halal. We took our seats again and were off to the next island. The sun was out and shining brightly.

We had done island hopping before in Malaysia and there we hopped from island to island in a speed boat! it was so cool 😀 here in this big boat it kind of got a little boring, it felt the way when a person is talking to you and he goes on and on and on and you’re just sitting there waiting for him to stop. 

Anyways, we reached the next island, here we’d be kayaking yay!! We found out that it was the last activity of the day and before that everyone was given another hour and a half to visit the view point, explore the island, swim or just hit the bar. LO was getting tired now and of course a bit cranky and to be honest I was getting a bit impatient too :/

Finally, it was time to kayak. I was relived and excited and happy to just hop in for I have been waiting for it the whole day and endured the boring boat rides good naturedly just so I could experience kayaking. But I guess our luck ran out, LO was tired and hungry and just refused to get in the boat or cooperate all together *ugh* we did got on the boat hoping that LO would like it and would calm down but she just got all the more freaked out.

All the kayaking participants were supposed to meet at a point where the boat was supposed to pick them up so they all went out of sight in a matter of minutes while we were left behind completely clueless, LO’s crankiness wasn’t helping much so we just went back to the island after thrashing about for a while.

Needless to say that we both were really upset after this incident for honestly this day was kind of boring we were really looking forward to this activity and it was ruined. In LO’s defence it was her nap time and it was rather stupid to hold off such a energy requiring activity till the last hour -_-

With kayaking ruined we just wanted to get back home now,tired and disheartened we got on the vrat again.  You know sometimes parenting feels so difficult, I mean if there was any other person who had ruined kayaking for us he would have gotten a piece of our mind but with LO I could do nothing but patiently put her to sleep and comfort her and then feel bad about putting her through all that.. *parenting bliss*

To top it off we all got the worst sunburns for we didn’t took any sunscreens with us *such a rookie mistake I don’t know why we did it* I had the worst of it, it felt like fire under my skin, I was in such pain even a simple touch was too painful for me, after reaching the hotel we went straight to a pharmacy and bought some aloe vera. The nice lady at the pharmacy took one look at me and said just aloe won’t be sufficient for me and gave me another ointment too.

Applying aloe was a whole other story though, while hubby and LO felt soothed I felt more discomfort. My skin was soaking up aloe like a thirsty person consumes water after a hot day and still the burning and itching wasn’t residing. 😢

As much as we wanted to end this day already we couldn’t because we were so darn hungry we hunted around town for a decent halal restaurant that would be miraculously open during the eid holidays and found an Arabic themed one,we had our doubts but after closely observing and talking with the owner we felt that he wasn’t a phoney and ate there and went back to the hotel for even though we started the day in high spirits sometimes things don’t work out as they are supposed to and you have to just keep holding on for tomorrow is a new day 🙂 I missed my mom and home though *not gonna lie* I guess we all do when we are in pain we can’t be brave and patient all the time. 

Have you ever done kayaking? How was your experience? Let me know in the comments section, I’d love to hear from you 🙂

Till then,

peace ✌