When I was young I absolutely loved attending school, meeting friends, learning new stuff, and all the extra curricular activities. I was one of the few kids who used to have a full attendance, not because I wanted some ‘full attendance certificate’ but because I simply loved being a student πŸ™‚

The only catch? Waking up early and getting ready… *no thanks!! I’d rather sleep in* so alot of times I’d be missing my school bus and then chasing it all the way to next pickup point.

It’s day 4 and it feels like I’m back to my school days…. Its the same struggle… Wake up, get ready as soon as you can and leave the room… Can’t we just snuggle in our blankets and watch a sunrise? Hubby dearest thinks we could do that at our place too. He wants us to have a nice heavy breakfast at the breakfast buffet of the hotel *since the chances of finding some halal food today were very slim because it was the first day of eid holidays here* and then explore the island… πŸ˜‘πŸ˜‘πŸ˜‘ I think he is right but that doesn’t mean I can’t pout about it 😝

So here we are having a heavy breakfast, at the restaurant overlooking the hillside… I gotta admit, it feels fresh and clean and so serene this early… Its worth waking early πŸ™ˆthere was this omelet station and the chef was so sweet he wiped the frying pan when I told him my ‘halal food’ preference but they look at you questiongly when you ask them to put some red chilli on the omelet 😐 *I wonder what’s up with that*Β 

The weather here is really humid, one could drench in sweat in a matter of minutes, while the sun plays hide and seek with the clouds. It’s the complete opposite of the weather here in riyadh, dry, with scorching sun. It’s such a pleasant contrast you can’t help but smile… Although it does defeat my purpose of taking an extra long shower because hubby was was being a bit annoying and mean with all the early morning drill * I am such a passive aggressive queen πŸ‘ΈπŸ‘Έ* he is really a sweet caring person but you know how you know your best friend like the back of your hand and you just know the very thing that will irritate them 😜 it’s the same here.. Haha πŸ˜€

Our mission of the day das to explore the island a bit, visit a viewing point and hit the beach in the late afternoon for some water sports so off we went on our bike….

The town was buzzing with activity.. We roamed around the markets and shopped in the few shops that were open for a while. *most shops and markets open in the late afternoon or evening* I found some more variety in clothing than in Hua Hin… The shopkeepers were so keen and sharp that although we were talking in urdu with a few English words here and there they picked up those English words and tried to make sense of what we were talking about *very smart*

Knowing that we won’t be having proper meal today we had more than our fair share of cocunut and ice creams for the day. 😊😊 and the cocunut ice cream at the Lad-ko viewpoint was Yum!!

The lad-ko viewpoint seemed like a well known tourist spot. I could see a lot of different people taking pictures and enjoying the view of the open sea. It was beautiful…Β 


Gorgeous isn’t it? There were stairs leading down to the rocky shore where we went and dipped our feet there for a while LO loved it πŸ’– but I was feeling resting for a while before going for water sports so we decided to head back to the hotel.

Every time you visit some new place you tend to learn some things that you wouldn’t have otherwise. I learnt that the tourists-frequented markets are a bit over priced as compared to other places frequented by the locals.Β 

On our way back to the hotel we came across a large clothing shop. I could see a lot of nice clothes from the outside so we thought of checking it out and ended up buying a couple of items at comparatively low prices and the shopkeeper was more than willing to bargain. I guess hubby dearest was right when he wanted to explore the island thoroughly 😁😁

Like I said, tourist frequented places are much more expensive… Cha-weng beach was full of tourists and locals taking pictures, sun bathing, swimming and water sporting. We found the water sports to be ridiculously expensive and decided to take our chances and do them on the next island that we will be visiting.. Back to the hotel we went. On our way back we booked ourselves for island hopping for the next day which meant another early morning drill *great πŸ˜‘* but we would get to do kayaking so yay!!

Visiting the beach had its disadvantages though… You find sand in every crevice of your body, shoes, and clothes and there is no other option other than to shower yourself to get rid of it. It’s just sand sand every where.Β 

We started to feel the effects of our long day in the form of hunger, it seemed like a lots of ice cream, fruits and fresh juices for dinner kind of a day * some biryaani would have been nice πŸ˜…*Β 

The night market, as expected was in its full glory,it was bright, crowded with loads of stalls and a huge cafeteria so we beelined there. Since I was wearing a hijab we were hounded by waiters greeting us with salams(Muslim’s Substitute of hello) they were pronouncing it all wrong, and even though they promised us to serve pure halal food we saw beer and pork on their menu we felt mocked *not cool you guys* anyways visiting the cafeteria made us so hungry that we knew fruits and juices won’t work, so as a last resort we decided to visit a muslim town in hopes of finding ourselves a decent dinner. Β 

If you are a lady, you might be familiar with the infamous winged liner struggle *been there done that* it’s very similar to the hijab struggle. It had to be properly pinned, it shouldn’t block your view and should be comfortable enough to be worn all day, but trust me when I say that a hijab is not at all suitable for bike rides, even with a helmet on and espicially when you are zooming across the island*it’s like bat wings all over your face πŸ˜‘ * The Muslim town was all the way to the other side of the island *oh the things we do for food 😁 , oh well, the stomach wants what it wants πŸ˜†*

You know how we get some sort of clothing item from our mother or spouse or grandparents which isn’t truly what we usually wear so we just shove it in a corner of our wardrobe because we can’t Β just throw it away without feeling guilty and continue to store it in hopes that someday it might come in handy*never* yeah that was what I felt when we finally arrived at the Muslim Town. It felt like a forgotten place it was so secluded. We stumbled and staggered around a while and finally found a decent place to eat which not surprisingly was about to close down. We thanked our lucky stars for finally having some delicious warm food at the time when we were wondering if we have to eat alot of icecream and call it a day. We came back to the hotel tired, but ridiculously full with the hopes that the next day won’t be as bad in terms of food.Β 

The cafe in the middle of nowhere ☺

Have you ever stumbled across and discovered a new cafe? And found it surprisingly good ? Do let me know your experiences I’d love to hear from you ☺. Until then. Peace ✌