Why am I always the last one to get ready even though I woke up way before hubby and LO? and why is LO so cranky today? And why is hubby dearest always so anxious??

Those were the questions running through my mind while I was brushed my hair. Hubby dearest and LO were waiting, fully ready, for me (we were leaving today for koh Samui). As for me,  I was running late.  I just couldn’t get ready fast enough…

It’s around 7:30 in the morning and we have to rush if we want to catch the bus that’s going to take us to Maenam pier, it was to leave at 8 o clock so we rushed downstairs to check out and after that we took the hotel’s personal tuk tuk to the Lompravah office, that’s where the bus was supposed to pick us up.

We arrived there around 7:45. We waited a while while more passengers gathered around and at 8 we started our 4 hour journey to the pier…

The bus ride was good. It was comfortable, we dozed off, ate and talk on the way, on reaching the pier we hurried off to the catamaran that was to take us to koh-Samui which was another 4 hour journey. 


On our visit to Malaysia, I discovered this amazing habit of mine that I could sleep anywhere if I was sleepy be it bus, airport, metro train you name it. It’s a wonderful asset when you’re traveling and have to bear some not-so-comfortable conditions, but I seemed to have lost my super power on Thailand because as much as I was sleepy and wanted to get some shut eye I just couldn’t and neither could LO and she was miserable  about it (hubby went out like a light though, I think he stole my superpower, sneaky, sleepy theif hmph! 😑) 

The catamaran ride itself was warm and cozy. There wasn’t anything extraordinary about it that you always remember it nor was it so bad that you just can’t forget about it. 

It took another 1 and half hour taxi ride to arrive at the hotel and I was just brain fried by the time we finally arrived at the Bhundaari spa. 


Amazing isn’t it? I could feel my tiredness replaced by excitement…. What an amazing location!! I just couldn’t wait to see our room 😊😊

Our room was situated at the hill side area. It was full of green trees and various statues(i dont know whose statues they were so won’t say much about it, it did add a lot of personality to the surrounding) the room was all wooden doors and concrete floors and a jacuzzi!!! 😀😀 it was perfect!!! Except that there were a lot of mosquitos around 😟 they kinda ruined our jacuzzi time and honestly, the room itself could have used a little more maintenance.

Anyways, we freshened up a bit and hurried to rent a bike before the shop closed down and after that, we roamed around a bit, the island was much more commercialized than we expected. We thought it would be a secluded, quite island but it was buzzing with activity even at this late hour, the islands seem to have lots of resorts built around the beaches, the main town area was full of life with its restaurants and bars and massage parlours (I had my doubts about them :/) and night markets. It seemed like an all year all night festival to me ☺☺

Not having a proper lunch or breakfast we were famished so as much as we wanted to explore we couldn’t help but find a nice halal cafe nearby and have a hearty dinner. Either we were very hungry or the food was really good I don’t know but we just ate and ate and ate some more ☺☺☺we felt we could have our dinner here every night that we are here *we sometimes get a little excited 😝*

The nice bengali guy serving us told us that the cafe would be closed for the next three days because they would be going somewhere to celebrate eid ul azha (a muslim festival where we sacrifice cows, sheeps goats or even camels) we put trivial matters like WHERE WOULD WE EAT FOR THREE DAYS!! and decided to call it a night so we could wake up early and explore the island. So with that we finally hit the bed and fell asleep as soon as our head hit the pillow….

Do you like Thai food? Let me know.. I’d love to hear from you… Until then

Peace ✌