As much as I was excited about visiting Thailand I wasn’t really looking forward to the 7-hour flight. Hubby dearest thought since it was a night time flight we will be sleeping through the whole flight and we will arrive at Suvarnabhumi Airport, Thailand all bright eyed and bushy tailed…. With a two year old in tow that was very naive and ambitious of him I know but *sigh* ‘men’… In his defense he went out like a light…. Daughter dearest struggled and tossed and turned all through the flight and finally when she fell asleep in my lap I couldn’t sleep because I just couldn’t get comfy at all… During the last hours hubby dearest came to the rescue but I still was sleepy and awfully tired upon arrival. 

After landing we were supposed to take a bus to Hua Hin from the airport only… And we got to know that we have to wait for an hour and a half for the bus. So now that we have some time on our hands to kill we freshened up a bit did some snacking.. Luckily, we found a halal restaurant at the airport cafeteria but it was too late to sit down and have a proper meal as the bus would be arriving soon so we just bought ourselves some fresh juice for now. 

The bus journey to Hua Hin was supposed to take 4 hours I couldn’t wait to get in the bus and hit the hay, luckily the bus was exactly what I wanted… Almost empty, air-conditioned with reclining seats,  I fell asleep almost immediately but I woke up every now and then and couldn’t help but admire the absolute beauty of this country:


Wonderful isn’t it? Not only did I start to feel revived I started to feel excited again to explore this beautiful country… All my flight mishaps were starting to seem like a minor hitch… And discomfort and distress gave way to awe… 

The bus dropped us at the bus station, our hotel wasn’t far from there so we just took a quick walk there. We arrived at G Hua Hin hotel Resort and Mall.. Hua Hin is such a quiet and peaceful little town, with its inhabitants warm, welcoming and very friendly… We got such a pleasant and good natured welcome at the reception it was an instant mood lifter… ☺ 


Since Hua Hin is a small town with little to no tourists we were of the opinion that accommodations won’t be that impressive but we were Oh so wrong… Our room was was such a comfortable, clean and well maintained thing and it had a balcony too with a spectacular view of the pool and the town *bonus points for that, I have a thing for balconies* 😊and while we made ourselves comfortable, hubby dearest went out to rent a bike and run a few errands. 


Speaking of renting bikes, isn’t that such a wonderful idea? We learnt it the hard way though.. We spent so much on taxi fares on our visit to Malaysia it was absurd… With a bike we could go out whenever and wherever and it’s just so convenient… No waiting for a taxi and frustrating oneself over fares or fussing over if the driver is taking advantage of the unsuspecting tourist… ☺

 When hubby dearest was back we all went down to the pool, it had gotten dark and the pool area was softly lit, it felt so serene and calm. After some quality family time we dried off and rode off to find a halal food restaurant nearby…  

Since we were unfamiliar with the town we got a little lost and confused (Google maps helped a lot though) so by the time we got to the restaurant it was closing time *by 10 the town is drowned in darkness btw and shops open at 10 in the morning* it wasn’t a restaurant per say more like a road side cafe, the owner of the cafe kindly pointed us to a nearby halal food restaurant which she thought might still be open,  we rushed there praying for it to be open for we were that hungry and Lo and behold,  it was open they were about to close though but the lady was kind enough to cook some food for us and it was delicious… Apart from the food, the way they served us with such hospitality and kind-heartedness like we were their old friends rather than some tourists was so heart touching 💖 sometimes these things count the most.. We ate like there was no tomorrow and went back to our hotel and called it a night for we had a big day tomorrow..

All in all it started out rough but it was starting to look like the beginning of a wonderful vacation..

Do let me know your thoughts and opinions.. I’d love to hear from you.. Until then… Peace ✌