First of all Assalamoaliqum to all my followers out there…. I thank you for taking out time to read my stuff and liking it… I’m truly humbled…. 🙂

I’m sorry I have been AWOL for a while a lot has been happening in my life while I was away… First, my kindle broke…



I’m not a materialistic person but it was one of the first gifts I got from my husband and since I love to read it was the best gift I had ever gotten *smart move by hubby dearest to win instant brownie points 😉* and after two years it just stopped working while I was reading…. God I was devastated…. But no worries my new kindle is on the way and I’ll get it within a next week or so.. *yay* these days I am thinking what should I read first on my new kindle I’m torn between little women, Rudyard Kipling’s Jungle Book, or just simply finishing off Quiet by Susan Cain which I was reading when the kindle decided to just stop working .. Do tell me your suggestions as to what should I read first…





Aaaand I went to Thailand for vacation… I would soon be posting about it *so excited* hope you guys like it…. It was just amazing…. Can’t wait to share the details… :D…

So that’s that… I’ll be posting my travel diaries soon… Till then,

Peace ✌