When I was young, me and my siblings used to spend our Sunday mornings watching Disney movies, Cinderella, beauty and the beast, sleeping beauty, Dalmatians and jungle book…. So now when these cartoon movies are being made into actual movies I love watching them… It brings so many memories, and I love to compare them with their original versions and determining which was better… Its so much fun… So this time I watched Jungle book with hubby dearest and it didn’t disappoint me at all… 

Its just like the animated movie with the characters being more on the serious side and many dimensions and the overall story to have far more depth than the animated version… 

For example the pack of wolves with which mowgli spends his earlier years gets a lot more screen time and you get to know each wolf much more closely.. 


Speaking of mowgli.. Isn’t he the cutest!! He is much more intelligent and curious. The audience can actually see him struggling to fit in and finding it difficult. 


Bagheera was the same that I remembered calm and collected, cautious with a no nonsense demeanor and the sleekness of a cat… Somethings are just timeless 🙂 you can always count on him when things go awry. 


So far I really liked the new movie version of the characters… But when it comes to Baloo and Louie… I think their animated versions were much more fun… Sure Baloo taught mowgli the ‘bare necessities’ but it wasn’t as fun… And Louie was the huge, intimidating king of the ‘bander log’ (it’s literally hindi for monkey people) who sits around and eat and does nothing but thinks of the red flower… The animated Louie was so fun and chill!! He knew how to throw a party!! And I missed colonel hathi too… In the movie the jungle patrol is much more graceful, quiet and respected. 

Ooby do!! 

Lets talk about sher Khan…. Oh my!  with his scarred face and cunning he really scary… And he is meaner then ever…. How mercilessly and without a second thought he pushed rama off the cliff… *bone chilling*. 

The movie has a much different ending from the animated version though and I liked both of them, both are well suited for the audience but I would have loved to see Shanti come to life… Who remembers this scene:

hqdefault (1)
Poor mowgli.. Doesn’t know what’s in store for him. says hubby 

This scene always makes me laugh… I mean its soo true!! Single man is happy with his friend until he set his eyes on this beautiful creature minding her own business… He goes in closer and she notices but pays no heed but lures her in with her innocent beauty, his friends call him back to them but he is hooked… Haha… 


Overall the movie was very entertaining… Usually in these kind of movies its sometimes difficult to get the audience’s approval when it’s such a beloved part of their childhood… But the movie didn’t disappoint… Both the movie and the animation has different elements which can be enjoyed and neither can be hated… 

Rating: 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

Do share your thoughts and your opinions.. Would love to hear from you… Till then.. 

Peace ✌


P. S  I made a new friend ashleigh… She is really sweet and loves the same books that I do… Do check her blog 🙂