The other day I watched this movie ‘A Hologram For The King’ with hubby dearest… With Tom Hanks in the lead, I thought its going to be a very good movie but alas, it turned out to be one of those movies where you think ‘when is this going to end?’ 


The story is supposed to take place in Jeddah, where the main character is sent to design a hologram for the king. Now since I have stayed in Jeddah for a couple of months, I was really excited to watch a movie that portrays this city and their people… 


Little did I know that I was in for a surprise… The storyline wasn’t even strong enough to start with but what was really astonishing was the kind of image the movie is putting out of Arabic people and their lifestyles… I mean seriously you guys… A little reaserch, just a little not much, would tell you that no Adhan or prayer for that matter takes place at 9 or even 10am in the morning 😒 (a little blooper that I noticed) and please for the love of all that is good and true, stop associating muslims/Arabs with bombs and terrorism like you associate peanut butter and jelly I assure you its nothing like it, for Muslims who greet every one with ASSALAMOALIQUM (peace be upon you) its kind of unfair to think that all they think of is war…

When I moved to Riyadh, I found the local people to be so accepting and friendly. Yes, they take our religion much more seriously and they are very proud of their culture and language, but that’s where all the difference lie, it is not at all like how it is portrayed in the movie…. Where Tom Hank’s friend is always on the lookout for a potential bomb attack from the husband of the lady he is romantically involved with…  Well isn’t t he a bit dramatic *rolling eyes* dude, Arabs, as human beings are as afraid of bombs as every other person in the world… 

In order to escape the wrath of the said husband, the guy thinks of fleeing to his hometown and Alan clay (Tom Hanks) accompanies him to stay there for a couple of days… So for their road trip they pass the holy city of Makkah, for those of you who don’t know this is a city where only Muslims are allowed to enter and there is whole route for non Muslims who want to get past Makkah


The locals take it very seriously but for Yousef (Alexander black) it’s nothing to be worried about.. He accidently misses the bypass and all but shrugs about it…. And he gets away with despite the fact that the police checks the I.D at various check points… *Yeah sure* 

And then there is the character of an Arab lady doctor Zahra (Sarita Chaudary) who becomes the love interest of Alan who is always there to attend to Alan’s ailment despite the-guy doctor-for-guy-and-lady doctor-for-lady rule that’s followed in the hospital for those who observe parha. Zahra was going through a divorce and tells Alan that divorce is difficult in this country… Ummm Yeah excuse me from what I have gathered divorce is not an easy task for anyone anywhere…



Okay, maybe the story is supposed to portray the stories of people who don’t really fit into the lifestyle of Saudia Arabia and to show that there really are some loop holes in the strict rules that are implemented there… But I think, alot of the story’s elements were based on incidents and accidents and that just isn’t the ingredient of an amazing story.. Not every one takes their faith as non seriously as the character of yourself nor every one is as tired of it like Zahra… A little research and respect would have gone a long way…. 

Rating: 🌟

Let me know your thoughts and opinion would love to hear from you… Till then 

Peace ✌