Where to even begin with this epic series… It gripped me from the very first scene, where Kevin Spacey ends the life of a dog that got hit by a car and was dying slowly and miserably and he uttered the following words looking right into the camera:

There are two kinds of pain. The sort of pain that makes you strong, or useless pain. The sort of pain that’s only suffering. I have no patience for useless things.
And then he strangles the dog. This was me after this first dialogue:
  And that, my friends is how I got addicted to House of Cards… 
So here’s the story, Francis J. Underwood,  a Democrat and a house majority whip, was promised the position of US secretary of state if he helped Gerret Walker become president only to find out that he is appointed as the President’s whip, that’s where he plots with his wife to bring down the administration and that’s where all the fun starts…  Francis Underwood is a man you do not want to cross lines with, he is a cunning and calculating man who does what’s necessary to get what he wants, and he wants to bring down the President. So starting with the education bill to publicly humiliating the state secretary to bringing Peter Russo forward as the governor and then getting rid of him because he questioned and insulted Frank, to using Zoe Barnes as his voice on the Washington Herald. You’ll loathe the character but can’t help yourself but admire how he deals with the ups and downs of the political world. 
Kevin Spacey did an amazing job as a main character, his personality just comes through and the thing where he just looks straight into the camera and shares his inner thoughts or his plans or simply just rolls his eyes is just perfection. It really gives an insight as to what is going on in his mind. The way his character manipulates, tricks and charms people makes you think ‘how does he get away with that’ but oh he does and more.  
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Looking dead straight into the camera.

 I wish they would have done the same telling-the-viewer-whats-on-their-mind thing with Robin wright’s character Claire too. There’s just no telling what’s on her mind until she executes it… She plays the perfect senator’s wife, calm, poised, supportive and independent, working, infact the C.E.O of clear water initiative a non-profit organization. I really liked the idea where everything about Claire is just clean, neat, trim and straight but on the inside everything is not as perfect as her hair and clothes and style. Robin perfectly plays the role of the wife who is constantly required to be on top of her game but she constantly craves the normal or simple pleasures of life and there is this inner struggle going on within her which sometimes leads her to do the most unexpected of things.  


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The not so perfect lady


The relationship between Frank and Claire is of mutual admiration, support and respect but it’s more of an open relationship I mean she knows that Frank is having an affair with the much younger Zoe Barnes and she doesn’t object because she understands the the logic that it must be done although it just hurts her ego so much and Frank knows that she had a fling with her ex-boyfriend but doesn’t utter a word… 

Lets talk about the young journalist Zoe Barnes played by Kate Mara.. I think she is the perfect choice for the young, ambitious struggling to make a name for herself character who at first got manipulated and played by Frank but things are getting rocky between Frank and her now that she has begun to understand the kind of person Frank is, and is now questioning him and his actions… I hope she backs away now.. I mean look what happened to Russo. 
Peter Russo is the perfect example of a candle burns the brightest when it’s about to go off. Frank does nothing but uses him to get up on the ladder. Corey Stoll plays the character of a young congressman who indulges himself with wine and ladies.. Frank first backs him up and starts to groom him to run for the governor but destroys him like a tyrant he is when Peter talks back to him. 
Things are not looking good for him at the end of season 1. 
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With Zoe Barnes asking all sorts of questions and Peter’s downfall to the shock of Claire stabbing Frank in the back and running off to live with  Adam Galloway (Ben daniels) her lover.. How is Frank going to handle this is something worth watching. Would soon start with season two. Can’t wait!! 
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Ratings: 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟 definitely!