Raise your hands if u wanted a bad ass teacher like Walter White after watching breaking bad πŸ™‹πŸ™‹… It sure made a chemistry geek like me feeling all M. J’s ‘I’m bad u know it’ like character  😁…


The thing I liked most about the series was every character had so many layers to it and each character had their own story as to how they are what they are now, what makes them tick and based on their stories how they make their decisions to serve their own purposes… One such interesting character that caught my eye was Saul Goodman and by extension his helper/ friend Mike Ehrmantrout… Besides the leading pair of Walter White and Jesse Pinkman, Saul and Mike had an interesting chemistry between themselves, these two characters always made me wonder what must be their story?

Lo and behold! Better Call Saul came into the picture… Now I didn’t know up until last month that such a series exist but when I come to know of it… I was so excited to watch it!!


I knew that for Saul to be so cunning and successful at his job he must had faced some really difficult situations and learnt and adopted a lot to become the kind of person we witness in Breaking Bad.

The series starts with Saul no where in sight, but a struggling Β penniless attorney named Jimmy McGill with a battered partly yellow partly red car struggling to make a name for himself. He has an older brother who seemed to have developed an allergy to electricity and all things electronic amd though, he is a partner at a law firm but because of his condition couldn’t practice law, he stays at home away from all electronics (no lights, no fridge, no air-conditioned… The works) and doesn’t get out at all. Jimmy takes care of his daily needs and takes care of him

The series is basically the story of Jimmy discovering himself, I mean what he is good at, what are his limitations, what kind of work he is interested in. I mean yes he is an attorney, he has a way with people, he is smart, Β infact he is known as Charlie Hustle but he had his own way of doing things which are not so by the book and that’s where all the trouble lies.

It’s a story of a guy who likes to do things his own way….. He is the kind of guy who doesn’t really fit in the conventional lifestyle but just to please his loved ones he keeps trying to fit in (the coffee holder symbolism was great) and not only fails but fails miserably. Whenever he try to do things his way it just blows in his face. There was a point in the series where he lands a dream job with an apartment and a car but he gives all that up… Because he realizes that he is not the kind of person who can work under constant supervision and pre-defined protocol.

Overall the series is very entertaining.It has some very interesting situations. I found myself laughing, to feeling really sorry for the main characters in a matter of minutes.

Currently, I am watching season 2 of it. Season 1 mainly focuses on Jimmy and his life but season 2 focuses on the lives of other major characters like Mike, tuco, Β and Jimmy’s elder brother Charles… Sometimes, the series go a little bit slow it almost felt like the show is being dragged on. But there was a scene where Jimmy literally negotiates with Tuco and talks him out of killing two young guys into just breaking their leg and that was just hilarious πŸ˜‚ so it balances out.


This scene takes the cake… Jimmy sure does have some guts!!

Rating: 🌟🌟🌟🌟

Let me know your thoughts and opinions about this show I’d love to hear them!

Peace ✌