Facebook is such a wonderful addition to our life, isn’t it? You can connect to your friends and family, share picture with them, post what’s on your mind, chat or even talk to them… I myself found an old school acquaintance of mine through Facebook and now we are such good friends 🙂 Facebook really helps  in bringing people closer together.

But recently, I have been observing a very peculiar trend among my  Facebook friends… And every time I see it, a big, fat, silvery question mark (I love all things glittery and sparkly) pops up in my mind, the question being ‘why?’

Let me explain it to you…. I have been married since three years now, I am in my twenties, I think my husband is the best and we have a wonderfully beautiful relationship, but we never felt the need to express our feelings for each other on such a social forum like Facebook… I mean Yeah, we joke around, tag each other and comment on each other’s post.But lately, I have been observing a husband wishing a happy birthday to his spouse on Facebook (my thoughts: why Facebook? Couldn’t be just wish her in person? How about a nice personal message?), I saw a husband telling his wife what a wonderful time he had today with her (my question: why Facebook?why not a thank you card? Or a hand written note saying thank you?) I saw a fiancé thanking her fiancee to choose him and she replying equally lovingly (my question: don’t they have each other’s cell phone numbers? How about private chat?) I’m not jealous or hateful over such matters, it just makes me think if people have started to crave validation and other people’s approval on their personal relationships as well… Or maybe their need to show off every aspect of their lives is seeping into personal matters as well? or maybe it’s just plain immaturity or maybe it’s just me overreacting. But it really bothers me to see people using different social networks to express their most heartfelt and meaningful feelings to their loved ones instead of saying it face to face…

Anyway that’s just my opinion… Comment your opinions down below… I’d love to know your opinions as well…


Girl with a silvery question mark 🙂