Hubby dearest introduced me to ‘Game Of Thrones’ and I was hooked…. I never fangirled over any tv series or even books for that matter, but after binge watching season 1-4 I wanted more, so I read all the five books too and was heartbroken to find a certain character with the initials J.S dead by the end of book 5 😦 and relived the horror again when season 5 aired. The only thing that made me look forward for the sixth season was the revival of that character and season 6 did exactly that!

Thank god Jon snow is back!!! he is more brooding then ever but it makes sense I mean look at the way he was killed in the last season it really must have broaden his persepective and matured him, ending his night’s watch and assisting Sansa in taking back winter fell was the only logical thing to do for him. Regarding snow’s character it seems like season 6 is Christmas for Jon Snow’s fans with not one but two fan theories to be provimg true for him… First he comes back to life and now towards the end of the series it’s found that he is the son of Rhaegar and Lyanna’s son yay!! … Danaerys won’t be thrilled with this news though.

Speaking of Sansa… It was high time that she learned to play the ‘Game of thrones’ and I found her in this season to be much more cunning amd serious with her head finally out of the clouds… Which is good for her and the way she ended Ramsay’s life really made me think that her character has certainly come a long way from a girl who thought nothing more than dresses and dreaming about marrying princes… To threatening people that they’ll die tomorrow….

Arya on the other hand has done some character development herself…. From the blind girl who learns to survive with her blindness… To finally realizing that she is not ‘no one’ but Arya Stark of Winterfell. Oh and Arya avenges her mother and brother’s death by killing Lord Frey, The House Of Black training sure came handy there.. Haha. I can’t wait for the stark sister to reunite. They’ll be one deadly combination!

Let’s talk about Bran Stark and the three eyed raven business… Its not conveyed as clearly as in the books so it’s somewhat confusing but the Hodor-hold the door thing was devastating to watch… That was just truly sad.. But anyways that’s the way of this series… Sudden, unthinkable deaths…

Rickon stark didn’t get much attention throughout the whole series. First he runs around with Bran and then he parts ways with his brother and goes off with Osha,soon to be captured and killed by none other than Ramsey Bolton…

I knew from that moment that Rickon’s days are numbered now that he is Ramsay’s Prisnor .. I mean Ramsey killed his family just to secure his position as Warden of the North, Rick on is just another thorn in his way to be plucked out… Even then Ramsey cleverly uses him to lure Jon snow out from under the protection of his troops in the ‘Battle Of The Bastards’ and when that’s done… Boom! Rick is dead… I almost felt glad about the way Ramsey died… One of the unforgettable moments of the season.

Danaerys’ journey wasn’t very interesting except towards the ending two episodes where we get to see some dragon action, some alliances and tough decisions she gets to make in order to strengthen her position and sit on the iron throne… The fact that Tyrion had joined forces with her and is now her advisor just makes this affair all the more interesting… Thats a whole new level of sibling rivalry there.

Speaking of siblings,  Cersie and Jamie aren’t really at the best of the terms either…. When Cersei burns down the citadel along with the high sparrow, The tyrells(well most of them) and all the people who had made her life misreable (amazing move though, loved to see her smug face after so long), Tommen, shocked by the Margery’s sudden death, jumps out of his window and dies. Which left Cersei to ascend the iron throne herself. The last scene was when Jamie comes to the Red keep to find Cersei on the iron  throne and he just looks at her with such anger and sadness… So that sums up thier current position in their relation… So its kind of a disaster back in Westerns.

This season started off with a kick but went a little slow and boring for a couple of episodes, nonetheless these boring episodes helped made the last two episodes to be so mind blowing… So all in all it was just what the fans expected. Eagerly waiting for the next season… Till then I’ll watch some other series and review them.. Bye for now.