Eid ul fitar celebration usually revolves around meeting and greetings, get togethers, eidi money, hanging out, showing off clothes and having awkward moments with relatives you don’t really like to meet other than eid (haha)… But for expatriates it’s kind of different, especially in Riyadh, with limited opportunities for entertainment and the hot weather,  people prefer to spend their daytime indoors, mostly watching TV.. Add to that,  a bored husband on Eid vacations and you end up watching a whole lot of tv just for the sake of killing time… Not complaining though, those are just the pros and cons of living abroad.. Anyways,  yesterday we watched this movie called “the beach” starring the brilliant Leonardo De Caprio.

The movie is about a young American named Richard bagpacking across Thailand in search of adventure and new experiences and narrates his story as to how he comes to know about this perfect secluded island and how he manages to get there with a young French couple, they find the island to be just as  described,  beautiful, secluded with pristine beaches, but they were not the only people around, they found that there was a community of tourists living on the island for a couple of years. The community accepted them as their new members and they started living this perfect life on the island. But a series of accidents and incidents leading to everyone abandoning the island at once made Richard realize that  “[paradise] it’s not some place you can look for, ’cause it’s not where you go. It’s how you feel for a moment in your life when you’re a part of something, and if you find that moment… it lasts forever…”

I found the movie not that engaging.  The only couple of scenes that really got me thinking was the part where a guy from the’island community ‘ gets bitten by a shark, he was badly injured and needed medical attention, he was only given two options: either he go to mainland by a boat or stay at the island and take his chances, bringing a doctor on the island was not an option because the people of the community didn’t want the existance of the island to be known by a lot of people because it will be too crowded and ruin the sanctity of the place. The injured guy was so traumatized by the accident that he didn’t want to go near water even for his own sake, so his injuries got infected and he got miserable with pain, he used to groan all day which kind of ruined the whole ‘party’ mood of the inhabitants so they literally picked him up and abandoned him in the jungle to rot and die. This reflects how selfish people can be when it comes to thier comfort and convenience. I found it to be such a typical aspect of human nature that was depicted in this particular scene.

Overall the movie wasn’t that exciting, it was one of Leonardo De Caprio’s early movies where it seemed he was just experimenting and exploring his acting skills. The movie was based on a book and had the potential to be a much better movie than it turned out to be. But it did help to chase offour boredom so Yay!!  Hoping to get a watch an amazing movie.. Till then..bye.. See ya!