The revival of Pakistani cinema has played a great part in reflecting the culture and bringing back audience back to the cinema with something to look forward for. Movies like Khuda Kay Liye, Bol and Waar are examples of the excellent piece of work produced by the local film industry. Such thought-provoking movies were highly appreciated and the talent behind these movies was highly praised.
However recently, the upcoming productions are more commercially oriented and aim more at light-hearted entertainment of the audience which has given way to the ever famous item songs in such movies. This full of glamour three to four minutes of pure entertainment is basically a musical performance with no relevance to the movie, included for the sole purpose of publicity.
Item numbers, item songs, item girls all such terms used to be part of Indian movies and was considered a norm in Indian movies but the rapidly growing trend of item songs in Pakistani movies is nothing but shocking if put mildly. I as a viewer do not find item songs entertaining. I feel uncomfortable, disgusted and offended on the thought that how such smart, talented and educated young ladies can allow themselves to be treated as an object.
Furthermore I do not agree with the impression that is being portrayed in such songs. Apparently girls like it when men linger around them, gawk them and give them their undivided attention just because they are looking so stunning I mean what happened to the concept of beauty and brains? Is that the kind of message we should be sending to our new generation? Put on your best clothes and makeup and get noticed and praised? To be noticed and recognized based on beauty and not intellect? Is that respect and equality of women? The fact that women themselves are actually eager to portray themselves like such is truly saddening.
I would really like for women to step up for themselves and realize the fine line between shiny objects and truly useful substance for one gets used and the other is used. It’s high time we learn the difference.